03 Aug 2022
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PCI DSS v4.0: Whats new?

What is PCI DSS and what does it do? PCI DSS is a set of policies and procedures designed to optimise the security of credit, debit and cash transactions. It is a joint initiative of the major credit card companies, and its purpose is to prote...

BY: Imani McIntosh
02 Aug 2022
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July Catch-Up

What a fabulous end to July with the triumph of the Lionesses! It truly is coming home ⚽ Why not take a look at July’s blogs on Phishing Emails and VCISOs? We have got stories on the latest CyberSecurity information and news to keep you updated! I...

BY: Burhan Choudhry
19 Jul 2022
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Should you hire a vCISO, CISO or both?

What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)? A virtual Chief Information Security Officer is a cybersecurity professional who helps organisations create and maintain an effective information security program. The CISO is respons...

BY: Jack Odell
11 Jul 2022
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5 Simple Ways To Spot A Phishing Email

A phishing email is an email that is sent by a malicious sender in an attempt to gather personal information from the recipient. The email may contain a link that leads to a malicious website, or it may contain an attachment that contains malware. Ph...

BY: Raluca Prusu
29 Jun 2022
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June Catch-Up

With even more company records broken, a new office, and a company trip to Portugal, we can say that June was definitely a memorable month! New Office We are now settled into our new office and what an amazing two weeks it has been! After m...

BY: Burhan Choudhry
31 May 2022
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It’s that time again and boy has this month flown by! With the new office becoming more of a reality, team nights out, and still on track to do the best year in our 7-year history, we are more than excited to see what the month of June holds for us! ...

BY: Burhan Choudhry
10 May 2022
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April Catch-Up

So, we think it`s time for a catch-up! As many of you know, our team has been tirelessly working towards re-branding from Westpoint to Zync. Our new website is a true representation of our brand identity. Due to the hard work put in by everyone over ...

BY: Burhan Choudhry
13 Apr 2022
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Things are changing here, and we are thrilled to share with you the news of our evolution which includes a total rebrand and some epic new features!   We know that if you stand still, you'll be left behind – that is why we are changing as a bus...

BY: Maisy Portwood
21 Mar 2022
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These days it is rare to see people without a smartphone in their hands, headphones plugged in, or their eyes glued to a screen. As a society, our sources of entertainment, social interactions, file storing, research platforms, and even our worksp...

BY: Kirsty Keane
13 Oct 2021
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The more we talk about ransomware gangs the more invincible they seem to become. How often is it that the way we win is just by getting our data back, and not catching those responsible? Hackers walking away from their damage with a smile on th...

BY: Burhan Choudhry