what we do
in simple terms

Working in "zync", our Client and Talent labs partner with you to hire the best cyber security talent, which helps you to:

  • Secure against evolving threats
  • Keep your products at the cutting edge
  • Future-proof your business
  • Most importantly, save you time and money to focus on your key business objectives


We are dedicated solely to advancing the Cyber Security sector and the lives of those within it. Our 5 core ‘Labs’ put us in an incomparable position to those around us. The Talent Lab, Client Lab, Data Lab, Live Lab and Brand Lab have you covered for all your Cyber Security needs, ready and waiting to help. To put it quite simply; we’re built for cyber.

the zync

  • Fully
    resource team.
    Fully dedicated resource team

    Your position is filled more quickly.

    You save time and have less risk.

  • 100% fill rate.
    100% fill rate.

    Guaranteed to fill your position.

    You experience no project delays.

  • Full marketing
    Full marketing campaign.

    Excellent exposure for your brand or role.

    You get a choice of quality candidates with positive advocacy of your brand.

  • The largest, coded up
    database of Cyber
    Security professionals.
    The largest, coded up database of Cyber Security professionals.

    Massive exposure with a large reach.

    You receive a wide choice of candidates others don’t know about.

  • Full money-back
    Full money-back guarantee.

    If our placement doesn’t live up to your expectations, you get your money back.

    We take on the risk so you don’t have to whilst showing our full commitment.

  • Work solely
    within Cyber.
    Work solely within Cyber.

    Our knowledge about cyber is unrivalled – we know all there is to know!

    You receive detailed insights with expert advice backed by real data. Giving you the power, through informed decisions, to make hiring easier, quicker and cheaper.

  • Elevate
    Elevate reports.

    Total market insight across cyber, always fully up to date with all trends.

    You can make fully informed decisions to hire the best candidate.

  • Dedicated
    Dedicated account manager.

    Access to specialist support and advice at any time.

    You can relax with full peace of mind we’re here whenever you need us.

  • Access to
    Access to exclusive candidates.

    Opportunity to view candidates that others don’t have access to.

    You get to hire the best possible candidate there is, not just those freely on the market.

  • Status update
    Status update reports.

    An overview of what has been done, progress so far and insight into market conditions.

    Peace of mind you have total transparency on any aspect of our search.

  • Well established,
    award-winning with
    fantastic reviews.

    Demonstrates our credibility within cyber and proof we can do what we claim we can.

    You can rest easy knowing you’re in trusted, experienced hands.

  • 24 hours
    turnaround on
    candidate delivery.
    24 hours turnaround on candidate delivery.

    Guaranteed to be able to review relevant candidates very quickly.

    Your position is filled faster with no project delays.

  • Process
    Process management advice.

    Secure more candidates and lose less because of poor processes.

    A streamlined process with a winning formula for any future hiring.

  • Featured as
    a partnered employer.
    Featured as a partnered employer.

    Get exposure on our website, your own microsite and personalised marketing campaigns.

Fully dedicated resource team.

Your position is filled more quickly.

You save time and have less risk.

want to know more?

Our Approach to Cyber

Our mission to our customers is simple; to add as much value as possible, at every interaction, to help you achieve successful outcomes.

Check out how via our Labs below:

  • Talent Lab

    The talent lab is the place to go for Cyber Security Professionals who strive for more.

  • Client Lab

    The client lab is your destination for all things Cyber Security hiring related.

  • Data Lab

    We treat data like gold. Learn how our unique, in-house data team maximise success and prove that humans beat robots.

  • Live Lab

    For a browse of active cyber security talent, or to get yourself noticed, head over to the live lab.

  • Brand Lab

    Keen to learn how to maximise your employer`s brand proposition? The brand lab is the place for you.

what CANDIDATES say about us.

"Above and Beyond"

It's rare to meet true professionals that are both as passionate and excel at their job as the team. I had the opportunity to work with a consultant who helped me in the process of landing a new job that I'm very much looking forward to. I cannot express enough how professional they have been from the beginning, making sure everything goes smoothly in the interviews, and always being honest and transparent about everything. They couldn't have been more supportive at every step of the process, goes above and beyond and are always there for honest advice when needed. Their interpersonal skills coupled with their professional competency are a rare find and I feel very fortunate to have worked with them.

- Greg

"Highest Possible Rating"

I am giving the highest possible rating for the team as I was highly impressed by the professionalism of their Cyber Security Specialists. They have the skills to connect / communicate with candidate/s in a very respectful and timely manner. Additionally, they know what's best for the candidate.

- Helena

"Very Happy"

I was very happy with my application process. I was searching for a quite demanding position, and my contact could deliver. My contact was very polite and challenging and sometimes he reminded me not to lose focus. This may not be the favour for everyone but is important for a professional application process. Even when I decided to choose another position, they were supportive and asked whether any support was needed. Very polite! Thank you very much for all of that.

- Damien


Superb organisation.

- Sebastian

"One of the Best Agencies I've Dealt with"

One of the best agencies I've dealt with, professional and always keeping me informed. A special thanks to my consultant who helped me with some non-standard requirements I've had.

- Chris

"Expert Advice"

I received great service from the team. Very friendly yet professional with expert advice at the right time.Very knowledgeable and experienced in the Cyber Security industry. Highly recommend.

- Jakob

"Great Company!"

Have dealt with the company on and off for a while now, and always found them to be ultra-professional and responsive. Great company!!

- Pascal

"Helped Me Land My Dream Role"

The company helped me land a dream role. Maintained constant contact and dealt with me very professionally.

- Sören

"Reliable, Honest and Straightforward"

The consultants were very reliable, honest and straightforward with the involved processes. They have great communication/negotiation skills.

- Toni

"I'm Proud To Be Their Client"

What you read is exactly how it is. The award-winning agency that does their job well. I'm proud to be their client and getting to experience it all. They have been very supportive.

- Markus

"Modern Approach to Recruitment"

Modern approach to recruitment, my consultant treated me like a person and not a commodity, I can see why they come so highly rated 10/10 would use again

- Johann

"Very Valuable"

Working with the company was very valuable for our team and helped us hire a talented product security engineer! 

- Start-up bank, Berlin

"I would love to work with them again"

I've partnered successfully with the company for a period of 7-8 months during which time they helped us in tripling our small Security Department with very talented Product and Infrastructure Security Engineers. What I most appreciated about our collaboration is the focus on quality over quantity, they were introducing us to candidates that we wouldn't have been able to attract with the common means and on many occasions helped in closing them without overselling or misrepresenting our Company. If we are in need to hire again more Security engineers, I would love to work with them again.

- Start-up Fintech, Berlin

"Highly recommend"

Rate 5/5. Great experience with Zync overall. Very professional, competent and friendly support in my journey to my next opportunity with awesome people. Zync provides a great network with many opportunities and contacts. Highly recommended if you are also looking for your next challenge or if you are searching for your next candidate.   

- Sebastian