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Our Client Lab is here to ensure that businesses are fully-stocked with the best Cyber Security professionals.

The client lab is a dedicated hub housing our team of Cyber Client Strategists, each ready to help engage any business in need of Cyber talent at any given time.

Looking for expert advice on the Cyber Security market in general? In need of a partner for a specific Cyber Security hire? Building a team from scratch, or scaling up a team at any stage? Somewhere in between?

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

how does the
client lab work?

The client lab works in a very simple way. We help you hire the best Cyber security professionals, perfectly suited to you.

In addition to securing the best talent on the market, along the way you will receive our custom elevate reports to keep you fully up to speed when working with us – an overview of whom we’ve spoken to, who made the final cut for your consideration, market feedback on how your role’s perceived, how it could be improved, and a whole lot more!

We’ll always make suggestions if we spy a way to improve your hiring processes and never shy away from doing so.

And when you don’t need to hire? The lab is always open for advice on the Cyber Security market and hiring conditions, keeping you in the most knowledgeable seat in the house.

you will

  • 01
    A trusted partnership, here when you need us, with a 100% success rate.
  • 02
    Dedicated experts in Cyber Security hiring.
  • 03
    Thorough, top-level overview of each search.
  • 04
    Honest, open communication throughout.
  • 05
    Exclusive access to the untapped talent pools.
  • 06
    an in-depth full service where we do all the heavy lifting.

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what CLIENTS say about us

"Very Valuable"

Working with the company was very valuable for our team and helped us hire a talented product security engineer! 

- Start-up bank, Berlin

"I would love to work with them again"

I've partnered successfully with the company for a period of 7-8 months during which time they helped us in tripling our small Security Department with very talented Product and Infrastructure Security Engineers. What I most appreciated about our collaboration is the focus on quality over quantity, they were introducing us to candidates that we wouldn't have been able to attract with the common means and on many occasions helped in closing them without overselling or misrepresenting our Company. If we are in need to hire again more Security engineers, I would love to work with them again.

- Start-up Fintech, Berlin